Saturday, February 11, 2012

Why Blog?

So after not much thought or consideration I have decided to start my own blog. I recently ran into a very old blog I did for my journalism class back when I was in High School and you can say I felt inspire. It reminded me of my youthful dream of becoming a fashion magazine editor, of course my dreams have change now mostly because I saw The Devil Wears Prada, regardless it just seemed like a good idea. Specially since at work Facebook is blocked and Twitter can only do so much. Which brings me to my next inspiration, at "work" I like to read fashion blogs and DIY blogs and of course I like to keep up with celebrity news blogs. As a matter of fact the blog that inspired me the most was Lauren Conrad's blog (please tell me you know her she is the nice girl from Laguna Beach, The Hills and she has like the best style in the world), I just love how cute and chill it is as if you were just talking to your bestie about the things you like. That is exactly what I want from this blog, I just want to share my wonderful thoughts and ideas and hopefully receive some in return. However, be ware of something I forgot to mention in my bio I'm what you call a procrastinator, I can't help but get distracted by the silliest things and leave everything  for the last minute. Regardless of that I really want this whole blog thing to work out and maybe soon I will start a YouTube channel as well to show you guys how to do awesome things, but for now I hope you enjoy this (well at least I hope someone reads this) and if you do, don't forget to start following me I'm sure you won't regret it.

Keep it classy...
xo xo Dee♥

P.s. This is the link to Lauren Conrad's blog I'm sure you will love as much as me.


  1. I accidentally clicked on ur profile from Kandeeland's blog and I'm not regretting it at all! haha Im already loving what you write. And I LOVE Lauren Conrad, isnt she so gorgeous!? Anyways, do your thing girl, I'll be reading your blog! (: mine is if your interested, I just started mine not too long ago as well (:

  2. Yay I'm so glad you liked it and thanks for being my first follower!I love Kandeeland's blog she has the best makeup tips all the time and yes Lauren Conrad is absolutely gorgeous and super talented. I will definitely check your blog out it sounds great :D

  3. Hey there, New follower from looking forward to future posts and make sure you post up your YouTube link so I can subscribe when ever you do start that up. XOXO and much success on your page...


    1. Hey Chelsie thanks and welcome to my blog, hope you enjoy. I will definitely check out your blog it sounds interesting and of course I'll keep you updated with any news.
      xoxo Dee♥