Friday, March 9, 2012


Hey Dolls,

OK, so I'm soooooo sorry for not posting anything for a while but I guess my warning about my procrastination tendencies didn't take too long to be put into action. However, I want to let you all know it's not because I don't love you and want to deprive you of my exciting thoughts lol. I was MIA because I have been dealing with a lot of stuff lately,specially in school. First it was midterms and then all my teachers seem to have a plan worked out so I never have a break (weren't they young once?). For example when one teacher left me an essay the other one left me a group assignment and the other left me an entire book to be read in a week...seriously!!! I mean if I where a teacher I probably would leave like no homework, everything will be about class discussion and involvement because I know students have a life outside class and mines is not the only course they are taking and I couldn't imagine myself grading stuff...BORING!! (FYI I'm not going to be a teacher I know all the work that is required and to that I say no thanks!) Another recent life disaster has to do with my super dysfunctional family, that I do love however crazy they are (at least most), let's just say  a lot of unsaid problems were said and I cried more that week than I have my entire life (I'm not an emotional person so I blame it in hormones or PMS cause I swear I'm not like that). However, for me to explain it all I would need an entire post or two that maybe if I think it is interesting enough I might post in the future. For now I'm glad to be back and as an apology not only did I write this post but I am working on a second one that I hope I can share today since it would make more sense.

Keep it classy...
xoxo Dee♥

P.s. Spring break is in a couple of dayss, one week off school followed by a week off work, so I will definitely have more post then yay!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Why You Shouldn't Hate Valentine's Day...

She has the right idea...sort of.

Hey Dolls,

So Valentine's Day is next week and depending on your current relationship status you either hate it or love it right? Wrong, Valentine's Day shouldn't be such a big deal, after all it is just like any other day I mean, it is a Tuesday on February, I'm sure we will all have to go to work or school (If you are like me both and you will have a midterm).  So there you have it Valentine's Day  is not even a Holiday, so don't freak out if your single and don't make it more than it is if you are in a relationship. And if you need some ideas you have come to the right place.

If you are single:
Don't worry being single on Valentine's Day doesn't mean you can't celebrate it or that it has to be Doomsday (stop being a drama queen as your friend let me tell you it makes you look crazy when you write all over your status how much Valentine's day sucks).  Being of Hispanic decent I can tell you that in many places in Latin America Valentine's Day is called Dia Del Amor y La Amistad (Day of Love and Friendship). So why not celebrate this day with your real loves, the people that have been there all along, those who know how to appreciate pink as much as you and who wouldn't mind getting a little chocolate...yes I'm talking about your girls, your besties, your soul sisters. Because once you notice you aren't alone and that there is others out there that just like you haven't yet found their match, you will be able to actually have fun. Use this day as an excuse to catch up and celebrate the ladies in your life get them a sweet treat, relax at a spa, or simply hang out and have a chick flick night. As a matter of fact this is exactly what I will be doing this Valentine's Day, spending it with my girls. Just like I spend last year with none other than my Big Sis and let me tell you it was a blast. (I don't know what is it but guys seem to disappear in February crazy right?) Last year we went for a walk at The Grove and got to meet a lot of Kens, yes as in Barbie's Ken, it was awesome it was like a bunch of hot guys in display. Anyways my point is why not make the best of what you have, and with great girls like yours who needs a boyfriend.

If you have fallen to the dark side, I mean in a relationship:
First of all let me give you my condolences, I'm just kidding, congrats for finding a guy decent enough to captive your attention. However, please don't make Valentine's Day sound like the most important day ever. If you really are in love you don't need a day to be super romantic and show your feelings, you should do this every day you spend with that special somebody. There is no need to be a show off and put PDA pictures of you and your boy all over Facebook or tweet pictures of the flowers you got at work, because unless you are Jennifer Aniston we don't really care that much about your love life. I mean keep something to yourself, your personal love life shouldn't be all over the web it is called personal for a reason (perfect role model Beyonce even though she is super famous she keeps her personal life separate from her public one). So take the pressure off and have a nice day with your love, make it about you and him, not about a unimaginative, consumerist-oriented and entirely arbitrary, manipulative and shallow interpretation of romance.

So there you go ladies single or not, any day that revolves around pink and chocolate should not be a negative one.

Keep it classy...
xo xo Dee

P.S. Check out this video about Valentine's Day by Kingsley a YouTube sensation he is hilarious.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Why Blog?

So after not much thought or consideration I have decided to start my own blog. I recently ran into a very old blog I did for my journalism class back when I was in High School and you can say I felt inspire. It reminded me of my youthful dream of becoming a fashion magazine editor, of course my dreams have change now mostly because I saw The Devil Wears Prada, regardless it just seemed like a good idea. Specially since at work Facebook is blocked and Twitter can only do so much. Which brings me to my next inspiration, at "work" I like to read fashion blogs and DIY blogs and of course I like to keep up with celebrity news blogs. As a matter of fact the blog that inspired me the most was Lauren Conrad's blog (please tell me you know her she is the nice girl from Laguna Beach, The Hills and she has like the best style in the world), I just love how cute and chill it is as if you were just talking to your bestie about the things you like. That is exactly what I want from this blog, I just want to share my wonderful thoughts and ideas and hopefully receive some in return. However, be ware of something I forgot to mention in my bio I'm what you call a procrastinator, I can't help but get distracted by the silliest things and leave everything  for the last minute. Regardless of that I really want this whole blog thing to work out and maybe soon I will start a YouTube channel as well to show you guys how to do awesome things, but for now I hope you enjoy this (well at least I hope someone reads this) and if you do, don't forget to start following me I'm sure you won't regret it.

Keep it classy...
xo xo Dee♥

P.s. This is the link to Lauren Conrad's blog I'm sure you will love as much as me.