Friday, March 9, 2012


Hey Dolls,

OK, so I'm soooooo sorry for not posting anything for a while but I guess my warning about my procrastination tendencies didn't take too long to be put into action. However, I want to let you all know it's not because I don't love you and want to deprive you of my exciting thoughts lol. I was MIA because I have been dealing with a lot of stuff lately,specially in school. First it was midterms and then all my teachers seem to have a plan worked out so I never have a break (weren't they young once?). For example when one teacher left me an essay the other one left me a group assignment and the other left me an entire book to be read in a week...seriously!!! I mean if I where a teacher I probably would leave like no homework, everything will be about class discussion and involvement because I know students have a life outside class and mines is not the only course they are taking and I couldn't imagine myself grading stuff...BORING!! (FYI I'm not going to be a teacher I know all the work that is required and to that I say no thanks!) Another recent life disaster has to do with my super dysfunctional family, that I do love however crazy they are (at least most), let's just say  a lot of unsaid problems were said and I cried more that week than I have my entire life (I'm not an emotional person so I blame it in hormones or PMS cause I swear I'm not like that). However, for me to explain it all I would need an entire post or two that maybe if I think it is interesting enough I might post in the future. For now I'm glad to be back and as an apology not only did I write this post but I am working on a second one that I hope I can share today since it would make more sense.

Keep it classy...
xoxo Dee♥

P.s. Spring break is in a couple of dayss, one week off school followed by a week off work, so I will definitely have more post then yay!

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